The sawing and drilling that often accompany concrete construction may constitute anything from a nuisance to a major obstacle. A growing number of specialty contractors are undertaking to assume these problems on behalf of concrete and general contractors. Some of these specialty contractors are developing considerable competence for doing difficult jobs and completing them rapidly. Their knowledge and ability, when put to work for others, can often prevent the severe damage that might be done by cruder methods of breaking openings in concrete. Some examples of their work will illustrate the versatility of contractors who specialize in sawing and drilling. One problem was to remove a 6 by 10 foot section of reinforced concrete form a hospital foundation 13 inches thick without disturbing the patients. The method used was to drill 123 holes around the perimeter of the slab using two diamond drills, one 3 inches and one 3 and one-half inches in diameter, and then remove the 8,500 pound slab with a crane. Its removal permitted installation of a huge transformer below ground within the building. To reinforce an existing dam to meet new state specifications, a contractor cut six inch diameter cores through concrete to bedrock to install vertical post- tensioning tendons. Diamond bits removed a total of 540 feet of 6 inch core from 12 holes; after the holes were made, one-fourth diameter post-tensioning tendons were installed and grouted. Knowing when and how to specify the services of a sawing and drilling specialist can lead to substantial savings and a faster, better job. Further information about such services can be obtained form the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association.