THE PROBLEM: Reinforcing steel frequently must pass through a construction joint to lap with bars in the next placement and establish continuity--for example at wall and slab intersections or at vertical joints in walls. Ordinarily this requires rebar to pass through the formwork and project some distance beyond, where it may be inconvenient or dangerous for workers in the area. It also requires holes in the formwork or construction of specially fitted bulkheads to allow the steel to pass through.

THE SOLUTION: Patented prefabricated boxes or plastic planks containing specially fabricated rebars. Reinforcement hooks or anchorages made to exact dimensions have one end bent and embedded in a casing of foam board or inserted in a slender box made of metal, plastic or fiberboard. The assembly is attached to the formwork at a construction joint, with the exposed hook or anchor end of each bar projecting back inside the form where it will be encased in concrete of the initial lift. After the forms are stripped, the boxed reinforcement is exposed and the steel bars are straightened out before forms for the next placement of concrete are set.