This article shows drawings of walls, roof structures and parapets with insulation, waterproofing and drainage systems.


One drawing shows the connection of a cast-in-place wall plus drain detail. Polyethylene is placed under the drain tile to direct and contain the water. A space is left between the two polyethylene sheets coming off the roof to allow the roof insulation to drain, if water does leak into it, and folds are placed in the sheets to allow for settlement of the backfill.


Steel pipe columns are used many times in earth-sheltered design because they take up very little floor area. A 4-inch-diameter, 8-foot-high double extra strong steel column can carry approximately 130,000 pounds and is narrow enough to fit between 2x6 studs in a wall. The steel column is usually welded to a base plate, which is anchored to the footing by stud bolts. A space is left under the base plate for leveling. In order to prevent the floor slab from cracking at the edge of the spread footing, a 6-inch granular base is placed over the top of the footing and the slab is placed on that.