A proposal to build Western Australia's first official skateboard track was initiated in June 1975 when the children of Albany began funding raising efforts towards the cost of the track. After the Albany Lions Club supported the youngsters in their efforts, the Albany Town Council supplied a grant of $10,000 and made available 1.5 hectares of a disused gravel quarry of Mount Clarence only 350 meters from the high school. The town council also said it would act as the contractor. The basic shape of the track was dictated by a small model prepared by the local skateboard association. While the track has an average slope of 1 in 10, some of the slopes are so steeply banked as to be nearly vertical. Concrete was placed using pumped shotcrete of 25 megapascal strength; it was sprayed to an average thickness of 100 millimeter. Control joints were placed at maximum centers of 20 meters and expansion joints positioned at 60 meter centers. Mesh reinforcement was used in the top half of the slab.