A unique easy-to-remove concrete curing compound has been announced by ChemMasters, Inc. EZ Strip Cure low odor curing compound is for indoor use on fresh concrete. It is superior to dissipating resins because it can be easily removed after curing by household cleaners, which permits earlier application of penetrating sealers, floor coatings and coverings.

EZ Strip Cure cures concrete surfaces to ASTM C-309, Type 1, Class A. Unlike other curing compounds, it does not require strong chemicals or aggressive abrasion for removal, making it an outstanding choice for indoor concrete surfaces that are scheduled to receive subsequent treatment with dust proofers, liquid hardeners and densifiers, penetrating water repellents or polymer coatings. Well known “dissipating resin” curing compounds require ultraviolet (UV) light to decompose and must be used outdoors. EZ Strip Cure is removed by low-pressure spray or household cleaners containing ammonia.

ChemMasters, Inc. is a 55 year-old manufacturer of specialty concrete chemicals used to improve, repair and protect concrete and masonry. The company is the acknowledged leader in the formulation and manufacturing of low-VOC solvent-based products for use in the states that require them. A state-of-the-art research and development facility is operated by ChemMasters to advance the science of concrete improvement.