All-around footings for more than 900 slab-floor houses was a job completed in 11 weeks by one man and one machine. That's the amazing construction record set by a Hunter Construction Company of Hastings, Minnesota, a firm which specializes in this type of work. The machine selected by Hunter for the job was a rubber-tire mounted ditching machine. It was designed for one-man operation and can travel form job to job on its own rubber, making a trailer unnecessary. As a result of this, Hunter has been able to keep his crew requirements to one man...himself... with an occasional assist from a man provided by the prime contractors. The machine has several advantages. The main was is the machine's vertical boom which makes it possible to dig trenches with vertical walls and square ends, leaving none of the digging to be done by hand. Digging time for each set of footing is generally half an hour and even under the most adverse conditions does not exceed one hour.