An earth mound form was used for construction of a theater in the round in San Diego, California. The dome shaped concrete structure, designed by Richard Wheeler, is 196 feet in diameter and 36 feet in height. It is considered one of the largest of its kind in the world. To construct the dome, a skim coat of 1 inch concrete was first placed over the earth mound to give the interior surface of the dome a smooth finish. Next, two curtains of number 4 reinforcing steel with steel 2 feet on center an running at right angles was positioned. A 3,000 psi lightweight aggregate concrete was used and placed to a 4 inch thickness, except within 18 feet of each of th efive supporting thrust blocks, where th thickness was increased to 16 inches. Removal of th eearth form was begun within 42 hours after the last concrete on the dome had been placed.