The construction applications for epoxies and other two-component polymers are increasing every day. Once used primarily for bonding new concrete to old, epoxies are now used to anchor dowels, inject cracks, fill floor joints, and protect bridge and parking decks. Unless contractors have invested wisely in dispensing equipment, however, they are probably measuring and mixing the resin components manually—a sticky, tedious and foul-smelling job.

Fortunately, equipment is available to ease the pain of working with epoxies. For small projects, factory-filled cartridges or sausages eliminate manual batching and mixing and ensure proper proportioning of the resin components. On projects requiring large volumes of resin, a variety of bulk metering dispensers are available. These dispensers are well-suited for placing adhesives for dowels in paving projects because they can dispense the resin directly into the sockets and repeat a selected dosage.