In the July 1975 issue of CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION the article "Stop Guessing at Reshore Loads- Measure Them" described a practice which had recently been initiated. Since that time a considerable amount of further experience with the is practice has been accumulated. In one of the first monitored systems, a multi-story structure with flatplate floors designed for 50 pounds per square foot, it was discovered that the supporting floors had been overloaded to as much as three times their design capability before the concrete was placed! Ti was a good thing the floors were capable for holding 150 pounds pre square foot as shown by monitors on four levels of shores. The monitored projects have shown that monitors red-flag the possible dangers of a reshoring-shoring system. Other monitored projects have shown that monitoring also indicates when reshoring is no longer necessary or not required at all. This aspect of monitoring has provided field supervision with a tool to handle the reshoring and shoring operations economically and ensure adequate and strong support of the structure.