First-of-a-kind design gives a distinctive appearance to the Eisenhower Avenue Station on Washington DC's Metropolitan Area Rapid Transit System. It is the only side-platform aerial station in the system, with two 600x13-foot platforms flanking the elevated tracks. Clean, functional and aesthetically pleasing lines for the structure have been achieved primarily by an extensive use of prestressed concrete, all cast-in-place and post-tensioned. The station's most unique features are its thin, cylindrical, shell-shaped canopies, which partially cover the platform, exterior stairways and escalators, and follow the escalator profile. Two unsupported 30-degree bends in the canopies accentuate the distinctive appearance.

An innovative, three-dimensional space-frame structural system was used to support the track bed, platforms and canopies. This framework consists of transverse pier caps, longitudinal platform tee-girders, canopy columns at the end of pier caps and cantilever ribs that support the canopies--all interconnected by post-tensioning. Pier cap beams were cast in place and post-tensioned with multi-strand cables. Alternate spans of platform girders were also cast in place, post-tensioned, and framed into the pier cap beams with short high-strength steel threaded bars to form grids. The remaining drop-in platform girders were cast and post-tensioned on the ground, then lifted onto seats on the pier cap beams.