Concrete Construction’s first issue was in 1956. Nearly all of the magazine’s articles from those 58 years are available on our web site. Sure, lots of things have changed over the years, but you probably won’t be surprised to find that the basics of how to build with concrete remain largely unchanged.

We were curious about what topics seem timeless so we looked at some of the basics and reviewed CC’s advice in different decades. Take, for example, curing. An article from June 1958 emphasizes the importance of curing in no uncertain terms: “on it hinges to a great extent concrete’s watertightness, hardness, durability, and strength.” No ambivalence there! And the techniques described could be followed today with excellent results.

We reviewed articles on concrete cracking in our March 4 newsletter  and found plenty of good advice dating back to a 1956 issue: yes, concrete has always and mostly will always crack. So what would you like to see us cover for historical perspective? Drop me a note and we’ll get it on the list.