Today almost every manufacturer of prefab forming systems or form ties offers free engineering service. The primary function of this service is to assist the contractor in laying out his job. When a job is submitted for engineering, some basic information is required form the contractor in order to complete the form layouts properly. Some of the information can be obtained for the architect's specifications, but most of it must be furnished by the contractor. Ounce this information has been gathered, the layouts can be started and from this point on, all cutting and fitting of the formwork is done on paper, not on the job. After the layouts are completed along with all necessary details, sections and elevations, the location of each concrete placement should be indicated on the layout along with the total number of placings to be made. After the forms have been figured, a tie take-off is usually the next step. This is accomplished by counting the form joints, where the ties occur, and then referring to the wall sections for spacing and the number required for the vertical height. It is then a simple matter of multiplication to determine the exact quantity and sizes needed. A cost quotation is prepared along with the layouts.