Formco Inc. New Headquarters
Location: West Jordan, Utah
Contractor: Formco Inc., West Jordan, Utah

When Formco Inc. began work on its new headquarters, they took creativity to a new level. Showcasing varying kinds of rockwork, simulated wood paneling and beams, and stained concrete floors, this project has it all—and shows off all of the techniques the company offers.

When approaching the building, right away you see a number of concrete-molded elements. The entryway features sculpted rockwork to complement the aesthetics of this rustic, northwestern building. Varying shades of acid stain were used to create a custom look of stacked rock for the exterior walls, with accents of gray cobblestone rock and rock block around the building.

Inside, the floors also are acid stained and etched to look like stone tiling and ceramic tiles. Interior walls pull in the simulated wood paneling to carry the theme of a rustic structure from the Old West.