Described when it was new as one of the most colossal undertakings in the history of American sculpture, the Fountain of Time is a cast-in-place exposed aggregate concrete work of art. The massive foundation was built in 1920 on the south side of the University of Chicago campus. Fountain of Time, 120 feet long, 18 feet high, and 14 feet wide, is a larger-than-life concrete representation of a human wave containing 100 individual figures--all cast in place with an exposed aggregate finish. The solitary figure of Time watches at some distance as young and old, soldiers, lovers, religious practitioners, and many more participate in the diversity of human life, finally embracing death with outstretched arms. Lorado Taft completed the model for this sculpture in 1920 after seven years of work. The Earley Studios formed and cast the permanent concrete work in less than a year.