‘Building with Insulating Concrete Forms,' with expert tips and references throughout, is a Portland Cement Association-produced DVD. It has five parts: Design, Planning, Setting Forms, Placing Concrete, and Utilities and Finishes. The chapters include all the basics—from the tools you will need to how to modify existing plans for ICF home building. The video goes over the principles of polystyrene forms, insulators that, when filled with reinforced concrete, become the building's structure. This DVD also covers the variety of ICF systems: blocks that interlock, plank systems connected by ties, and panel systems, along with the varying shapes of the cavity. The step-by-step installation instructions include the crew you'll need, the setting and bracing of forms before placing concrete, the techniques for pumping concrete into the forms, and how to build multistory homes. The instructions cover heating and cooling systems and various trades like electrical, plumbing, drywall, and stucco. It is an excellent DVD for anyone building with ICFs. For purchase options go to www.cement.org/bookstore.

‘Residential Technology, Volume 3A,' published on CD-ROM by the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA), is a library of information and technical support for designers and builders of concrete masonry homes. ResTEK3 includes video footage on the correct procedures for concrete masonry homebuilding, 32 concrete masonry house plans from Home Design Services, and 38 NCMA TEKs (information pamphlets on residential concrete masonry design and construction in a searchable PDF format). The CD also contains two publications prepared by the National Association of Homebuilders Research Center for the Department of Housing and Urban Design: Concrete Masonry Homes: Recommended Practices and Building Concrete Masonry Homes: Design and Construction. ResTEK3 covers everything from foundation to roof with annotated notes, references, photos, details and video clips. For more information on this interactive program for Windows go to NCMA's e-store at www.ncma.org/source/orders/index.cfm and search for ResTEK3 or call NCMA at 703-713-1900.

‘Concrete Homes the Solid Choice,' a CD published by the Concrete Foundation Association's Concrete Homes Council (CHC) in association with the Portland Cement Association, describes three forming systems used to build cast-in-place concrete homes: removable forms, reusable forms with or without insulation, and tunnel forms for single or multistory construction. It begins by reviewing the durability of concrete homes and proceeds to the builder's advantages—building faster with fewer subcontractors, enclosing the structure, and starting the trades sooner. This CD discusses installation from the concrete foundation to placing and finishing the concrete—the forming system, electrical boxes, conduit and plumbing details, casting walls and decks, positioning insulation with nonconductive connectors, removal of the forms and the final finishes. This short CD is a good introduction to cast-in-place concrete home building. Find more information at www.cfawalls.org.