The method a contractor chooses for placing concrete can actually have more impact on a small project than on a larger job. Job conditions, site access, and cost considerations affect the choice of handling methods and equipment for most projects. But on small jobs, choosing the right placement technique can mean the difference between profit and loss on the job.

When choosing handling equipment for small pours, take into account the ability of the equipment to place the concrete economically into the forms with no reduction in quality. During handling, the most common concrete quality defects are segregation (separation of the large aggregate from the mortar) and loss of water from the concrete.

To handle concrete on small pours, consider using chutes to extend the reach of the ready mix truck, wheelbarrows, carts, motorized buggies, skid-steers, mixer-mounted or portable lightweight conveyors, or small-line concrete pumps. Pushcarts and wheelbarrows - options too labor-intensive for larger jobs - can be efficient and cost-effective for small concrete placements.