That’s the fee for entering our fifth annual Polished Concrete Awards. Even if your project doesn’t win one of the 10 categories, your company’s work is highlighted in perpetuity on the first website that appears when anyone Googles “concrete surfaces.” That type of publicity is priceless.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that nothing succeeds like success.

Truisms become trite pretty quickly, so I thought it’d help to explain why 2014 Polished Concrete Awards candidates took the time to submit their projects. In addition to the free publicity mentioned above:

There are additional (free) benefits that I’ll discuss in next month’s e-newsletter. If you can’t wait until June 15, they’re listed on the award program’s entry page.

In the meantime, start identifying the projects over the last year that your company’s proudest of. Since you’ll have to fill out an online entry form and provide photos, someone on your team will have to round up supporting documentation as well as the corporate credit card number. (If you’ve submitted before, all you’ll need this year is your e-mail address.)

You’ve got until Sept. 15 to submit as many candidates as you like. That sounds like a long way away, but with summer vacation time upon us that deadline will sneak up on you.

May the best projects win!