Here we are, smack dab in the middle of hurricane season as one after the other pounds the coastlines in the Gulf of Mexico, and along the southeastern United States.

Like many of you, I have tuned to the Weather Channel in the midst of these hurricanes to witness the intensity, fury and damage these storms bring onshore. I also watch to see what the landscape looks like following the storm. Usually, the destruction is unbearable as most building and homes are torn to pieces. As the cameras pan over residential neighborhoods, often time many homes are barely recognizable however the destruction in some residential coastal areas is tempered by concrete homes. While neighbors pick up the pieces, owners of concrete homes often suffer less severe damage due to hurricane-force winds.

As hurricanes have intensified in recent years, so has the market for concrete homes in area prone to hurricanes. The concrete home market will continue to grow with each passing hurricane, similarly with each minute of television coverage as the concrete home stands out amid the destruction.