On June 27, 2008, a live tilt-up construction demonstration was hosted by Star Inc., designer and builder, with the help of a crane from ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp. For this demo, ALL Erection provided both the 500-ton Liebherr hydraulic all terrain crane, with 101 feet of main boom and 264,600 pounds of counterweight, plus one of ALL's own expert crane operators. During the three-hour demonstration, four concrete wall panels were tilted up and set in place. View the demonstration video.

Tilt-up concrete construction is an economical, faster construction method in which reinforced concrete wall panels are cast horizontally on the floor slab and, after proper curing, are tilted up into place by a large crane. This three-hour demonstration by Star illustrated the variety, benefits, and flexibility of the concept. The expertise of the crane operator was essential to helping Star's trained tilt-up crew pull off a safe and successful demonstration by properly lifting, aligning, and setting the concrete wall panels.

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