Concrete technology company Lythic Solutions, Inc. has announced the availability of a concrete curing densifier/sealer proven to reduce labor costs.

Applied as a troweling aid, Lythic’s Day1TM one component concrete curing densifier, sealer and hardener provides a smooth tight surface. After final trowel is complete, the formulation is effective as a cure so no curing agent application is required. Then, after 24 hours, the slab surface repels water to prevent moisture penetration that can lead to ASR. The result is a slab with increased surface hardness and abrasion resistance that can be polished with less time and tooling.

According to Lythic President David Loe, the major benefits of DAY1 include transforming the slab into a tougher, more durable flooring surface that is waterproofed to protect from ASR, as well as the labor savings. “Using DAY1 as a troweling aid saves labor because it also impregnates the surface with a curing aid/water proofing component,” said Loe. “Returning to the site to apply a curing compound or other curing method is not needed.”