The primary question in choosing between concrete and asphalt pavement is usually one of cost. Can the quality of concrete streets be afforded? The job of concrete paving contractors or ready mix concrete producers is to demonstrate to city officials that it costs a city more not to have a quality concrete paving program than to have one. In many areas, asphalt producers and paving contractors have out-sold the concrete industry, built residential streets to minimum standards and assured themselves of a built-in maintenance market for the future with continued asphalt resurfacing, patching and reconstruction. The advantages of concrete, as they exist today, make this market an inviting target for the concrete paving industry. Work closely with the city engineer from the beginning of any marketing program. The best way to start is to get local information relating directly to paving programs. Much of what you need will be found in the engineer's office and will be a basis for discussions with him that can establish a common interest. If the engineer knows you understand his goals and problems he will have more confidence in the information and help you can provide. To capitalize on the merits of concrete you must have a planned approach that meets the needs of the community. Write out a step-by-step marketing plan. It is the best way to focus on what you will need, whom you will have to approach, and when and how you should proceed.