Never before in the history of concrete construction has there been such a general demand for new job methods to combat the steady rise in labor and material costs. Among the promising developments helping to meet this need are new form tying methods involving the use of same steel strapping material which has revolutionized the whole science of packaging and carloading. Most manufacturers of steel strapping have developed their own spacing formulas and truss designs. Once a column form is trussed, under normal conditions it can be strapped by one man in about 15 minutes. The use of strapping speeds up the stripping of forms, since the panels can be removed instantly by simply cutting the straps, Since strapped forms hold together well even under extremes of static head and stresses resulting from vibration, corner leakage is not a problem. There are similar advantages in using strapping for fireproofing steel beams with concrete. One of the important features of this application is the elimination of shoring jacks. Another quite recent application of steel strapping is the tying of foundation wall forms for dwellings.