The New York Concrete Construction Institute, located at 110 East 42nd Street in New York City, was founded with the specific objectives of preparing and developing, without monetary gain, increased interest in the more extensive use of plain, reinforced and architectural concrete as a medium of all construction, including office, commercial and residential buildings. The Institute's activities have included: (1) the promotion of concrete design with architects and engineers in preference to other materials; (2) the review of plans and specifications for the purpose of assisting designers in the proper and economical use of cast-in-place concrete; (3) participation in job meetings to assist architects and contractors in achieving special architectural concrete colors, textures and finishes. Currently, one of the chief objectives at the Institute is the initiation of a bold, factual attack on present high-rise fire proofing techniques and materials that have been found not to provide adequate protection in a number of cases. A campaign is being staged to change building codes and to make them conform to safety standards based on material performance.