Phase 1 - New construction - Science Building
Phase 2 - New construction - Fine Arts and Academics building

65,000 sq. ft. of medium to large aggregate exposure polished to 1500 grit

We did this project in two phases at two different times of the year. The first was the science building with 35,000 sq. ft. which was started in early November 2014. This job was spec’d as a small to medium aggregate floor but we ran into issues with consistent exposure due to the hardness of the slab. We started with Husqvarna 1100 series 20 grit single segments in a very soft bond for the initial exposure and ended up doing 6 passes wet to get what we were looking for. After that we followed with 2 passes of 20 grit double segments in a very soft bond with the first being wet and the second dry to eliminate some of the deeper scratches. Once we were satisfied with the exposure and didn’t see any visible marring we proceeded with 50/60s..120s at which we grouted with GM3000 and densified using Husqvarna Hiperhard. The polishing process was done with Husqvarna’s 100 grit transitional pads wet followed by a 100 grit transitional pad dry to remove the slurry. From then on the rest of the process was done dry using Husqvarna’s 3” resin polishing pads to 1500 grit followed by a guard product and burnishing.

The 2nd Phase was 30,000 sq. ft. that started in the middle of April 2015. It was originally awarded to another contractor but issues with the amount of aggregate expected and the original contract amount led to us being awarded the project. This phase was spec’d the same with small to medium aggregate but due to our experience with Phase 1 we had a great plan going into this one which allowed us to stay within their adjusted budget. Our process was exactly the same as we ran into the same issues with the concrete hardness on the 1st floor and being a little softer on the 2nd deck due to being a lighter weight concrete.

Another challenge with this job was the weather on the 1st phase as we were fully exposed to the elements getting in before walls so needless to say it was cold and wet with snow taking over as we finished up our work. Both of the upper decks were very wavy but the Husky 820s flattened them out nicely. Phase 2 had some delays mostly from rain but overall it went very smooth.

All in all the project turned out great and the Owner and Architect were very pleased. The bottom floors were tested at 4500 psi and had a limestone colored aggregate with the 2nd decks coming in with a smaller darker aggregate which gave a really nice floor.

Product Spec Sheets

Husqvarna GM 3000

  • Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR
  • Husqvarna HiperHard