With today's congested roadways, concrete median barriers are essential elements of many highway construction and reconstruction projects. However, slipforming these barriers can be as challenging as placing the highway they divide. Fortunately, contractors can tackle much of this difficult work using one machine - a multipurpose paver. Using these machines, contractors have placed barrier wall at rates exceeding a mile a day.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of a multipurpose paver is its versatility. Available with different molds and paving packages, these machines can place a variety of median-barrier and bridge-parapet profiles as well as barrier footings. They can also slipform ramps and shoulders, canals, foundation walls, pavements up to 20 feet wide, and monolithic curb, gutter and sidewalk. Manufacturers of these machines can even custom-build barrier molds to meet job specifications. In addition to molds for standard 32-inch-high New Jersey barrier, molds for barrier profiles up to 83 inches tall can be accommodated on some pavers. Molds can also be designed to slip-form over caged steel, longitudinal rebar, or electrical conduit.