Held on the campus of North Central College in Naperville, Illinois, June 14 and 15, Pave-in II attracted 500 registrants. The pave-in combined the demonstration of four kinds of paving operations with a seminar on the economics of concrete paving. Participants were housed and fed on the college campus, the paving was done on the campus, and the pavement produced by the pave-in was left behind as a long-lasting improvement and donation to North Central College. The construction consisted of five major types of operations: slipforming a concrete street with integral curb; paving a section of concrete parking lot; construction of a length of curb and gutter; construction of a concrete bicycle path, and profiling a concrete pavement. The three main subjects of the economics portion of the seminar were: an analysis of the true total cost of pavement types ( a comparison of concrete and blacktop based on first cost and maintenance costs, with an appropriate inflation factor); energy impact of concrete pavements versus asphalt pavements (a comparison of the total energy required for manufacture of materials); and competitive designing of concrete pavement. In the discussion of the energy impact it was pointed out that asphalt pavements require 128,000 Btu per square yard inch compared with 72,000 Btu per square yard inch for concrete. Because asphalt pavements must be thicker for the same kind of service, concrete energy savings are increased further.