A placer/spreader can be a valuable part of a paving train. This article describes the features and capabilities of several different models with paving widths ranging from 12 to 44 feet.

Designed to accept concrete from either ready-mix trucks or end dump trucks, placer/spreaders do just what their name implies, place and spread the concrete ahead of the slipform paver. The machines are especially useful when the trucks delivering the concrete are not able to discharge it directly in the roadway. The trucks simply pull up to the side of the placer/spreader and dump their contents onto a hopper extending from the side of the unit. A conveyor belt then moves the concrete into the middle of the lane being paved. Once the concrete is placed, the placer/spreader distributes it to a predetermined depth and width using an adjustable strike-off assembly. Final spreading is accomplished by a hydrostatically driven, variable-speed rotary auger.