Plastic known as polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, has made the switch from the make-believe world of Hollywood movie-making to the down to earth arena of the construction industry. A fabricating firm in California, producers of materials originally used for molds for motion pictures sets and props, has developed form liners that provide a new, economical method of texturing surfaces for architectural concrete. As flexible as rubber, PVC offers builders almost unlimited opportunities in creating sculptural and textural designs in concrete. Samples have been cast to show that the newly developed liners can be used to reproduce a wide variety of surface textures, including fluted corrugations and simulated wood finishes, bush-hammered textures, rock, stone, and brick. The liners are applicable to both exterior and interior areas and act as a major element on wall systems, spandrels, panels, fascias, balcony panels and columns. They can be used successfully for either cast in place or precast concrete. As form liners, they are also resistant to oil, lime acids, and the chemical reaction of cement.