Hundreds of ready-made patterns are available in manufactured plastic form liners, and thousands more can be custom-made for projects with unique needs. Adding texture with patterned form liners helps hide color variations in the concrete and make bugholes less conspicuous. Defects due to poor consolidation and leakage at form joints also are less apparent. Popular standard liner patterns among the many now available include brick and stone masonry, wood grain, flutes, and fractured fins. One manufacturer supplies a plastic liner that holds thin brick in place to produce a brick-faced concrete wall. Many manufacturers will make custom liners to translate original designs or works of art into concrete. Standard liners can be combined with customized details where special effects are desired on a modest budget. Materials also are available for contractors who want to make their own custom liners. Careful attention to construction details is necessary to get good results with patterned form liners. Always review project specifications and the recommendations of the liner manufacturer. Above all, make sure that the construction practices and materials are consistent pour after pour, from the beginning to the end of the work. The result - an aesthetically satisfying surface with a texture forgiving of minor surface imperfections - is worth the effort.