Engineers and contractors who have never really analyzed or compared contractor-built wood forms for concrete forming with the several manufactured forms now on the market may be amazed at what currently available manufactured forms have to offer in the way of reducing forming costs. Free engineering service, both office and field, as offered by the manufacturers is not a gimmick or a wild claim. The premise that a product is successfully sold only when it's successfully used has been responsible for the development of form manufacturers' engineering services. Although manufactured forming systems are simple to use, problems do rise and field service as offered by the manufacturer should be requested. Usually, after the engineer or contractor becomes familiar with a manufactured system the request for field service is rare. Office engineering services are more complex than field services. Working from a set of plans supplied by the contractor, the form manufacturer will analyze the forming requirements. The basic information that the contractor or engineer will receive includes: (1) total form contact area in square feet; (2) total square feet of forms required and the sizes of the forms; (3) specific area in which forms are to be used; (4) rental period within which form work can be completed; (5) number of times forms can be reused; (6) number of ties required; and (7) amount of lumber required for alignment and bracing.