Members of ACI committee 318, Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete, met in March 1995 to discuss proposed changes to the code and comments on the changes from the concrete industry and other interested parties. The changes most likely to affect concrete construction contractors will be new requirements for shoring and reshoring plans and schedules for multistory construction. Under the proposed changes, contractors will be fully responsible for developing a plan and schedule for removing shores and installing reshores. The contractor will also be responsible for calculating the loads transferred to the structure during the construction process.

A major change proposed for Section 5.4 of the code may significantly affect smaller concrete jobs. Previous versions of the code placed maximum water-cementitious materials ratios on concrete produced for projects where trial batches were not available. Proposed code language states that where trial batches and a large number of tests are not available for a concrete mixture, "Concrete proportions shall be based upon other experience or information, if approved by the engineer/architect." This new provision can only be used with concrete with a specified compressive strength of 4000 psi or less.