The Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI) announced the 2009 Legends of Post-Tensioning, PTI Fellows, and Technical Advisory Board Award recipients Monday, May 4, at the Legends of Post-Tensioning Awards Program.

The program, which was held amid PTI's annual conference in Portland, OR, honors individuals for career accomplishments, committee service, and various contributions to PTI and the post-tensioning industry.

PTI Legends are selected for their extensive career dedication to the field of post-tensioning and the monumental impact that they have had on the industry thereof. Gene Christian, Alan Mattock, Khaled Shawwaf, Mario Suarez and Robert Tuttle received this prestigious award in recognition of their significant long-term contributions to the development of post-tensioning in North America and around the globe.

The PTI Fellow award is presented to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the production or use of post-tensioning and who have made significant contributions to PTI committees. A minimum of 5 years active PTI membership is required to receive this award. The 2009 PTI Fellow inductees are: James Cagley, Gregory Chacos, John Crigler, Jack Graves Jr., Scott Greenhaus, Terry Johnson, Rattan Khosa, Larry Krauser, Thomas Mathews and Harley Nethken.

The PTI TAB presents awards to groups and individuals who have gone beyond the call of duty and provided PTI with time and resources that are out of the ordinary. There are three categories selected by TAB Members. The first award, the James Cagley Medal for Most Active Technical Committee Chair was presented to David Goodyear for his dedication and active involvement in the Cable-Stayed Bridge Committee. The Russell Price award for Most Active Committee Member was given to Brian Juedes for his active involvement and contributions to the Slab-on-Ground and Alternate Slab-on-Ground Design Committees. The Ken Bondy Award for Most Meritorious Technical Papers was given to Brian Swartz and Andrea Schokker for the technical paper titled Design Guide Development for Post-Tensioned Bridge Decks, in the August 2008 PTI JOURNAL, and Gregory Chacos for his technical paper titled Back-Up Bars for Residential Slab-on-Ground Foundations in the July 2009 PTI JOURNAL.