Some interesting statistics came to light in a recent study of the amount of labor required for the various steps of erecting and stripping forms. The data could be useful to contractors who might be tempted to consider initial costs of formwork rather than ultimate costs as determined on the basis of durability and labor requirement associated with various available types. For a particular brand of prebuilt steel-ply forms used in this study, the labor requirement for erecting and stripping was found to be only one-sixth to one-eighth that needed with job-built plywood formwork systems- a highly significant difference. Looked at another way, labor was six to eight times as productive with the prebuilt steel-ply forms as it is with job-built plywood forms. To determine the degree of importance of labor productivity in the formwork selection process, the author undertook a study of both productivity and the variability of productivity for an often-used prebuilt steel-ply system. Information regarding job-built systems was readily available for comparison purposes. Productivity was analyzed by means of time lapse movies. At each jobsite movies were made of the placement of several prebuilt steel-ply form units. The placement of a single form was considered a production cycle. Analysis of these movies provided the productivity data reported here.