Low profit margins in jobs entailing curb and gutter, sidewalk or other small construction jobs have sometimes kept contractors out of this business. Costs are high for the time and labor involved in the repetitious process of moving the dirt, running the grade, setting and oiling the forms, placing the concrete, stripping and cleaning the forms and moving them ahead. With new efficient slipform equipment, contractors involved in street and high way paving can do this new type of construction profitably while continuing their regular larger jobs. A Midwestern contractor reports that he added a curb and gutter paver to his equipment and , in the first year, placed about 40,000 feet of curb and gutter during the construction season while still continuing his usual large construction jobs. On a recent contract for a project calling for a little under 13,000 feet of 24 inch wide curb and gutter with 6 inch curb, the contractor produced an average of 4,284 feet per day with the use of his slipform equipment. Altogether, 29 man hours over a three day period were used to place the necessary 719 cubic yards of concrete. He now plans to use the equipment to place an estimated 75,000 linear feet of curb and gutter and 15,000 linear feet of sidewalk this year. A couple of pluses for the contractor on this job were that the slipformer and related equipment required so little physical space that normal traffic was never impeded and the job could be done on regular rather than overtime hours.