We've been asked to repair joints in the concrete sidewalks at a shopping center. Every other joint was formed with expansion joint material that has deteriorated. It has shrunk to about an inch below the 1-inch-wide joint and is a tripping hazard for women with high-heel shoes. The material remaining in the joint is waterlogged. What's the best procedure for repairing the joints? I'm worried that joints filled with a soft sealant will still be a tripping hazard for high heels.
We'd recommend doing some test sections first and trying several pourable sealants. Contact sealant manufacturers and ask them to recommend products for the application. Remove all the waterlogged material from several of the joints. Put in a backer rod so sealant depth is half the joint width. Then fill different joints with the sealants to be tested. Observe the results when a test subject walks on the sealed joint with high-heel shoes during warm weather. Pick the best product based on your observations.