Natural-appearance sealer

Natural Look penetrating sealer is an aqueous, copolymer, chemically reactive dispersion designed to impart concrete countertops with a durable, transparent barrier that guards against oil and water. The product also helps block stains caused by cooking oils, lactose byproducts, and saturated fats. For optimal results, follow up with Satin Sealer, then Beeswax Sealer. Buddy Rhodes Concrete Products LLC.

Spray countertop surfacing

Green Counter Stone is a cementitious product designed to impart countertops with a seamless, durable, attractive surface. Treat new or existing countertops in a single day; the product uses all environmentally components and adds only minimal weight to the surface. The company provides contractors with training and reference publications. Surfacing Technology.

Anti-staining sealer

SB-5000 stain-blocking invisible sealer creates a durable barrier against water, oil, and stains on countertops, pavers, walls, and other concrete surfaces. The product enhances, rather than changes, the substrate's appearance. Further, the sealer resists yellowing and protects the surface from fading. Surebond.

Rich color mix

Designed for precast countertops, Pro-Formula countertop mix provides intense colors, durabililty, and ease of use into one mix. Simple enough for do-it-yourselfers, the product also enables contractors to deliver high-quality, professional-looking projects for their clients. When combined with any 5000-psi concrete mix. The package includes pigments, fibers, water reducer, and accelerants. Cheng Concrete.

Architectural concrete protection

PowerCoat UltraTop protects concrete countertops, bathtubs, tables, sinks, planters, and other decorative precast from stains, heat, wear, and discoloration. The urethane coating allows moisture vapor to pass through, avoiding blistering and peeling. Choose from matte or gloss finishes. Vexcon Chemicals Inc.

Water-based dye

Water-based Color-Crete Interior Dyes impart interior concrete surfaces with an elegant decorative appearance more quickly and safely than acid-based stains. Apply and seal in as little as one day. The product comes in 13 standard colors, which can be blended for custom effects. It also can be used on overlays, or to adjust the color of previously stained floors. Clemons Concrete Coatings.