Once a luxury enjoyed only by the wealthy, the at-home swimming pool has become an increasingly common backyard facility in the past decade. Homeowners have found that a swimming pool is as easily attained as a second car. In the ground pools are readily financed by banks and other lending institutions because a modern concrete pool adds considerably to property value. Not only is the pool a place for beneficial, healthful exercise but also it often becomes a focus of family entertainment and social activity. The first step in planning a pool is selecting a site and then deciding on the shape and size. Local zoning and code requirements should be checked since they may have an important bearing on pool location and total cost of facilities. Regardless of wall type, the first step in building the pool is to cast the floor slab together with any required wall or buttress foundation. Reinforcing steel is set according to the engineer's drawings and supported the correct distance above ground on small concrete pads, pieces of concrete block or conventional bar supports. It is necessary to maintain the position of the steel carefully to ensure the designed structural action and the necessary amount of concrete cover preventing corrosion. Vertical dowels which connect walls or buttresses to the foundation should be set at the same time as the steel for the slab. Construction of cast-in-place walls begins with setting the outside forms. Then the vertical steel is tied to the dowels projecting from the footing and the horizontal steel tied to the vertical bars. Just as for the slab, correct positioning of the steel is important for structural action and corrosion protection. Shotcrete swimming pools must be built by contractors who specialize in this pneumatic application of concrete. Skilled equipment operatros are needed to produce a shotcrete lining of unifrom thickness with proper cover of reinforcement. Also, since the reinforcemtn is supported on the excavated surface which establishes the desired shape of the pool, the fianl excavationrequires accuracy.