Today, the Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario launched The new web portal was created to provide comprehensive information on the use, construction and environmental sustainability of concrete pavements. is designed as a platform to engage municipal transportation and public works departments as well as other areas of local governments, policy and planning decision-makers and engineers in the discussion on concrete as a pavement alternative, as well as to share information on the significant cost savings, long service life and environmental benefits that the use of concrete can bring to a pavements project.

The portal is the collective endeavour of the ready mixed concrete industry in Ontario to communicate and advance the industry’s significant contributions and progress toward meeting today’s infrastructure and budgeting challenges as well as sustainable construction practices.

The portal’s broad range of content includes:
• The environmental attributes and benefits of concrete pavements
• Pavement design and costing documents and guides
• Street Smart Report – Equivalent pavement designs for Municipal paving
• Access to – A free, online pavements cost and design comparison tool for roads and parking lots
• Profiles and examples of concrete pavement projects

The mission of this new web portal is to ensure that all transportation stakeholders have at their fingertips the information they need to make an informed decision on their infrastructure and pavement projects.

The Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario was formed in 1959 to act in the best interest of Ontario's ready mixed concrete producers and the industry in general. It provides far reaching technical and marketing support, education and awareness for all applications of concrete across all construction sectors.