The concrete construction industry has certain inherent safety hazards, but these hazards can be held to a minimum through careful attention to safety rules. Concrete forming, for example, can be extremely hazardous for the uninitiated, but those who have worked with forming situations through the years have arrived at a number of procedures with tend to lessen the risks. Here are 10 important rules to follow for safe construction practice: 1. Be sure formwork and shoring are plumb and level. 2. Secure all shoring and forms properly. 3. Don't remove shoring too soon. 4. Brace shoring between towers adequately. 5. Be sure shoring is set on an even, stable base. 6. Lock adjustable shores in place. 7. Set caster brakes. 8. Be sure to space shores or scaffolding at correct intervals. 9. Be sure the support on the floor below is adequate. 10. Don't overload support work. Simple logic tells us that a safer job is a faster in the long run, and certainly more economical. Good safety habits in the forming stage promise better results throughout the entire construction process.