Aptly named the workhorse of modern concrete construction, sectional steel shoring can perform a wide range of time and money saving jobs. The shoring sections are light in weight, easy to handle, and can be assembled quickly. They consist of the same familiar components as sectional steel scaffolding: prefabricated end frames, diagonal braces, base plates, adjustable extension legs, fast acting locking mechanisms, and other accessories. For special shoring problems involving extreme heights, or unusual contours or terrains, a particular kind of shoring is available consisting of interlocking steel tubes, two types of couplers, and a base. The exact amount of sectional steel required for any shoring job may be either rented or purchased outright. Another cost advantage is that the free-standing sections can be put into place quickly, requiring far less fastening, fewer nails, and less lumber. Extension legs make it possible to adjust the sections to whatever height is required- without fitting and wedging. Stripping of forms is also a simple matter, for the extension legs are just as easily lowered as raised. Since the steel sections are easy to lift and transport from pour to pour, the extra cost of using cranes or other equipment for placing timbers is eliminated. Since they are mechanically adjusted and can be moved both horizontally and vertically, they speed up the progress of the pour. The most important application of sectional steel shoring is in supporting forms for concrete overpasses and bridge piers. In all states where this type of shoring has been used for concrete bridge spans and piers, installations have met with the approval of state highway departments. In bridge construction, the prefab steel shoring provides neat, easy to erect support for both heavy pier beams and arched slab jobs.