A method of casting concrete manhole sections at the job site which is said to offer permanently trouble-free manholes at greatly reduced costs has been developed by a Florida concern. A mobile type operation enables the firm to handle one or more jobs at the same time, with a minimum of expense and manpower. This is how it is done. All sections- base, individual risers and various style tops- are cast at the job site. First the bases are carefully leveled. After curing, cone tops are cast on top of them. The cones are cast in an upside-down position. After curing they are pushed off the bases by being tipped over and into their normal installation position. Riser sections are then cast on the bases. This procedure assures accurate joints and side-walls. There are several advantages to this system. One, casting the sections at the job site eliminates transportation, handling and factory overhead costs. Two, the sections may be handled in 48 hours when efficient material handling methods and lifting devices are employed. And finally three, outdoor storage of the sections is practical, since the concrete is imperious to weather.