Cooperation and excellence are key to achieving outstanding results in concrete paving, as demonstrated by the 1995 winners and runners-up in the sixth annual National Awards Program for Excellence in Concrete Pavement. The winners in each category are:

General Aviation Airports
Winner: Ideker Inc., St. Joseph, Mo.
County Roads
Winner: Fred Carlson Co. Inc., Decorah Iowa
Divided Highways - Urban
Winner: Moellering Construction Co. Inc., Fort Wayne, Ind.
Divided Highways - Rural
Winner: New Enterprise Stone & Lime Inc., New Enterprise, Pa.
State Roads
Winner: Wittwer Paving Inc., Wichita, Kan.
Concrete Pavement Restoration
Co-winner: Highway Service Inc., Rogers, Minn.
Co-winner: Safety Grooving & Grinding Inc., Wauseon, Ohio
Commercial and Military Airports
Winner: Denton Construction Co., Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich.
Municipal Streets and Urban Arterials
Winner: Shafer Contracting Co. Inc., Shafer, Minn.

Also, the reconstruction of the John F. Kennedy Expressway, which runs through Chicago's North Side, received the ACPA Presidential Award for Distinguished Achievement.