A new system for one step casting of finished insulated concrete structural walls, providing substantial reduction in construction cost, is being used at a 200 unit apartment complex in DeKalb, Illinois. Developed by two Sauk Village, Illinois firms, the system makes it possible to cast finished walls for an entire building in one day and strip forms the next. It is also be pre-cast and shipped in 50 foot sections to job sites anywhere in the country. Here's how the system works. Aluminum forms, specially designed by the originators of the system, are set up at the job site in 50 foot sections. Pressed board is placed inside the form so that the selected pattern is impressed into the exterior face of the concrete. Vertical and horizontal steel reinforcing rods are positioned and tied. At the manufacturers' shop, 4 foot boards of 1 and one-half inches thick rigid polystyrene foam insulation with tongue and groove edges are laminated to five-eighths of an inch gypsum wall board. These insulation-wallboard sections are transported to the job site and positioned in the forms. Then the concrete is placed. The forms and the pressed board are stripped the following day, leaving a complete, insulated structural wall, with an interior finish of wall board and an exterior concrete finish resembling brick or wood or whatever pattern was provided by the form liner. The exterior surfaces are usually painted.