Location: Slidell, La.
Contractor: Concrete Countertops by Crane, Covington, La.

This outdoor concrete countertop application at a residence in southern Louisiana features a 28-foot-long two-tiered arched countertop with fiber optic LEDs embedded throughout to illuminate custom glass inlays cut in the shape of wine bottles. Contractor David Crane says a total of 15 glass wine bottles, as well as a number of glass pieces measuring 1-inch thick, were recessed in the concrete and illuminated by the LEDs.

Individual sections of the concrete countertop were precast and installed onsite.

The countertop measures 2 inches thick and features a split granite edge with an acid stain finish. Additionally, the countertop was sealed with gloss polyurea.

A custom mix design features three grades of sand and three sizes of fired clay as the lightweight aggregate. This aggregate lightens the finished counter by 30%.