A floor-level shoot of a polishing machine.
A floor-level shoot of a polishing machine.

When bidding on a project, there are many ways that you can stand out from the competition. Being a team player puts your name in a positive light, but also, being a team builder could make it shine. Presented here are a few suggestions on how to foster team building before you are married to the job:

  • Know the Project – Take the time to thoroughly read through the project documents. You may miss important information by focusing narrowly on just the polishing portions of the documents. If anything is unclear, get clarification up front. The more knowledgeable you are with the project, the more accurate your bid will be.
  • Educate – Be ready to teach the owner, designer, specifier, general contractor, and others about polished concrete. The industry is relatively new and many of these key players could be working on their first polished concrete project. Listen carefully to any questions they pose and follow-up with comprehensive answers. Industry resources, such as the Concrete Polishing Association of America (CPAA0, are available to help answer those questions.
  • An in-process portion of a floor vs untouched portion.
    An in-process portion of a floor vs untouched portion.
  • Manage Expectations – Pictures on the internet can make it seem like nothing is impossible. You may need to play the role of realist and bring the expectations down to earth. The sky is still the limit for what can be done, but there is a limit to what can be done with a certain budget. There are many ways to approach this situation, but the end goal is to make sure that everyone has the same vision when you sit down to put together your bid.
  • Be Inclusive – The floor is only one piece of a bigger puzzle. Drag all the other contractors and subcontractors into the conversation for a more comprehensive understanding of scheduling, protection, staging, and many other topics that can impact your numbers.
  • Don’t Oversell – The mockup can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Don’t oversell your mockup. If you take 8 hours to polish a 10 foot x 10 foot mockup, you just committed to spending 8 hours polishing for every 100 square feet on the project. Match the effort on the mock-up to effort expected for the rest of the floor.

When encountering your next project, think about these steps and how to best approach the job. Working with the other members of the team to understand their expectations will help you reasonably deliver the type of floor desired. Remember, CPAA is always available to answer any questions that arise regarding a project. To contact CPAA, call 443-249-7919, email info@cpaa-us.org or go to www.concretepolishingassociation.com.