Leading flatwork finishing contractors tell "Concrete Construction" what it takes to be successful in the business:

"In terms of quality, there is one simple solution: Always meet or exceed the owner's expectations." - Terry J. Fricks, Fricks Floor Systems, Fort Worth, TX

"Education is very important; there's no substitute for it. Every day should be a stepping stone." - Robert Cook, Cook's Concrete Construction Company Inc.

"There have been several equipment advances: power and riding trowels, laser screeds, and wet saws. All of these have added to the quality of flatwork finishing." - Carl Peterson, Kansas City, KS

"A successful flatwork finisher needs to have a positive attitude, a willingness to work hard, and the drive to incorporate the necessary changes needed to keep abreast of changes in the concrete industry." - Jerry Woods, Illinois Ready Mixed Concrete Association, Aurora, IL

"Contractors must understand what the owners or their representatives are looking for and be able to offer constructive input." - Ross Martin, Baker Concrete Construction Inc., Monroe, OH