"Concrete Construction" asks leading concrete pavement contractors for tips on what it takes to be a successful paving contractor:

"To us, good quality means meeting or exceeding specifications; most of the time we have to exceed them." - Marcus R. Williams: H. B. Zachry Co., San Antonio, TX

"We reinvest in things that we need at that time, including more workers, training, working capital, and equipment." - Leet E. Denton, Denton Construction Co., Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

"With the entrepreneurial philosophy disseminated throughout the organization, a tremendous amount of freedom and responsibility exists in the rank and file." - J. Kenyon Shaeffer, Interstate Highway Construction Inc., Englewood, CO

"Industry association participation over the years allows the company to influence some of the changes being made." - M. Lee Powell III, Ballenger Paving Co. Inc., Greenville, SC

"You can't do what everybody else does and be successful." - Brian Summers, The Scruggs Co., Valdosta, GA