Your item and subsequent letter on old concrete grain elevators was somewhat incomplete. The 1913 Transcona grain elevator is known to all University of Manitoba civil engineering graduates because a photo of the classic foundation failure on the lacustrine clays hung for decades outside the head of department's office as a warning to do better geo-technical engineering. The building was righted and is still in service.

But a few miles south, the Canadian National Railway had built, in 1908, a 65-foot-high concrete multicelled silo, where today it is nestled between newer silos built in 1928, 1947, and 1960, all presumably air-entrained. It is still in use by the International Malting Co. The plant manager says that the older concrete is performing better than the newer. Wally Rooke, P.Eng., Executive Director, Manitoba Ready Mix Concrete Association, Winnipeg, Manitoba