Let's assume you're a polishing contractor. How often have you shown up at the jobsite to find a concrete surface that's difficult, if not impossible, to finish as the project owner envisioned?

Here's how it happens. The owner tells the architect what he wants the finished floor to look like. The architect specifies what he thinks will achieve that. The ready-mix supplier and slab contractor interpret the specification. Like a child's game of telephone, the message changes as it passes from one party to another.

Rather than assign blame, the parties should collaborate on producing the best possible finished floor.

Sponsored by the Concrete Polishing Association of America and presented by Concrete Surfaces magazine, the two-hour Polishing Luncheon and Forum addresses how the specification can be translated so that each party understands the end goal and their part in achieving it.

We asked an architect, concrete contractor, ready-mix producer, and polishing contractor to explain how they approach things like F-numbers, mix designs, required testing, and finishing techniques.

The fee for A Game of Whisper: Specifying a Polished Concrete Floor (code TUCPL) is $75 until Dec. 15; $95 after then and onsite.

Don't miss this chance to find out how to improve your business (and blood pressure).