Q.: We've been scouring your Product Progress pages looking for a tool we require but without success.

We need a concrete stamping tool to imprint sidewalks and other flat work with our company name and the year. Preferably the tool should be capable of being mounted in forms to imprint foundations or other vertical work. Can you help us?

A.: Stamps for imprinting concrete surfaces are reported to be made by the following manufacturers. There are undoubtedly other sources as well.

Architectural Bronze and Aluminum Corporation
3638 West Oakton Street
Skokie, Illinois 60077

Everhot Manufacturing Company
Flothow and Saint Charles
Maywood, Illinois 60153

The Pannier Corporation
501 Pannier Building
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212

The Schwerdtle Stamp Company
168 Elm Street
Bridgeport, Connecticut 066030

One company advertises five standard shapes and ten standard sizes. All companies appear to be prepared to make special shapes and sizes to order. For imprinting walls a stamp without a handle could undoubtedly be mounted inside a form. The letters would probably have enough draft to strip without tearing, but the edges might have to be filed at an angle if not produced that way originally. When using a stamp in a wall form it would be wise to ensure good and thorough vibration in the vicinity of the stamp to be sure the impression will be sharp.